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There will possibly be an end to the Trump saga but to what end? The current non-resident of the White House is no more than a child who has toy store and cannot decide what to play with first. The ownership has become boring since the details area not as important as the headlines. The adoration of the crowds is more important than the actual job of running the store. Having always been in the position of ruling by fiat, it is apparently difficult to consult with the legislators and even his own cabinet. The tweetstorm is apparently the easiest way for him to communicate since he is limited to 140 characters. This is fine if you are a child. His advisors and spokespeople are no more than a group of loose cannons who have no other purpose than talking points with little or no facts. Meanwhile back in the real world, executive orders rolling back Obama era orders are causing harm to ALL Americans, some of whom do not realize what effect it has and will continue to have on them personally. The constant weekends off and the outlying protective services for his children and spouse are costing Americans millions of dollars for protection (wasteful?). The acceptance of these types of outrages are at once un-American as well as expensive when so many folks are out of work, have no healthcare due to government inability to reconcile payments to states. With all of this our Congressional neer do wells are still doing nothing to help and we continue to keep them in office. All of the Trumpers who latched on to the idea that Government should be run like a business are ill-informed as Government cannot be run as a business due to the multitude of differences and  needs of the people. The only correlation of business to Government is that they have a chart of  organization with the government being more extensive than most businesses. This administration is already up to its waist in problems with no rope available and too many voters are unwilling or unable to see the inevitable downside. The damage that is beginning now will resonate for years and extend to our world partners. We are at the beginning of similar actions that began in the 1930’s in Germany. While we may not get to the outright Nationwide burning of books and the associated atrocities , the effects of these irrational actions has and will cause  harm for a long time. We have the salvation of the vote if our Congress fails to act and we have that salvation to use for the Congressional member who will also be up for reelection. For our own protection as voters we need to broaden and lengthen our view of the legislation coming out of Washington as the people who are making and enacting these laws do not have the same worries as the voters. It is easy to make decisions for other people when those decisions do not have an effect on them. Forget term limits as there will never be such a law, the only term limits are provided by the voters. Our (voters) remedy for all of this is to become informed and understand what is being done in our names.

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