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Each day there are new statements regarding the ACA or “Obamacare” repeal and replacement. The current Majority party decided early on that the former President would get nothing passed and Health care was one issue that was never supported. What occurred was a campaign of lies and innuendo about the bills content even though it seems that no one in the Dupublican party read it. It would have been more statesman like to actually read the bill and make or suggest changes  for improvement however that never happened and the bill was forced into law . During its time it has been improved and changed unilaterally with decent results yet the anti’s continued defaming it. Now the Congress is proposing their own  “replacement and repeal” that again has not been read by its members but has had excerpts put out that show its lacks. The Majority party has so-so support within it’s own ranks but it is still being pushed because they Promised. With the political factions within the White house and Congress fighting one another, throwing one another under the proverbial bus, not much is being accomplished. Recently the TOTUS held a fund raiser at one of his hotels and swears  to taxpayers that funds are not going into his personal coffers. My question is: ” why are we putting up with this type of Governance without a fight”. We all know or should know that our Congress is ineffective (except in deception), however they have adopted the well used method of repeating the same tale over and over until it appears to be true. Now with the advent of mass media, many of us are still stuck in the “believe mode” reinforced by the power of the office holders we put in place. There are no term limits on Congress unless we as voters impose them and we have not done it often enough. Looking at the current political scene, one can easily see that our Congress has no good intentions for us. There are Congressional members who actually are doing some good but not enough to over come the massive lie factory that has been in place for many years. We need to forget the party line BS and look at the people we have and will elect. The color of a persons  skin, their sex  (or preference of) has nothing to do with ability. If we as voters do not start paying attention and forget our smaller personal roadblocks we  will never have good government. We currently have a small minded, shortsighted, adoration seeker in the oval office whose sole purpose is to be loved and to that end is pushing to act on promises that were and still are outrageous no matter what the price and resulting harm can be caused.  Trump’s agenda is “no agenda” and the Congress is trying make it happen.

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