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Apparently younger Trump is seeking a little spotlight for himself or approval from his Dad. Perhaps this is another side ploy from TOTUS. No one can fight for anyone who keeps shooting himself in the foot or putting that foot in his mouth. If the Tweeter in chief ever understands that he has to learn what the job entails and gather the details on the world and the US so that rational decisions can be made, then maybe he can gain some help. To date he has alienated many in the Nation from the day he entered the Presidential race and has continued his reality show ways since entering the office. His actions have not made his election very welcoming except for the GOP who are using his actions as a hat to hide their own nefarious activities. MA

“I want somebody to start fighting for him,” Trump told Fox News’s “Hannity,” on Monday night.
“How much weight does he have to carry by himself?”
Trump’s comments come several days after the Senate failed to pass legislation to repeal and replace Obama Care, a key campaign promise of both President Trump and congressional Republicans.
“My father has the voice of this country, the people of this country love him. Why wouldn’t they get in line? It doesn’t make sense,” Trump said about Republicans during his Monday interview.
President Trump has hammered the GOP since the Senate’s failure to pass a healthcare bill last week, and his son boosted that effort in his interview with Sean Hannity.
“They would rather see this country fail than see my father succeed,” he added, seeming to refer to Democrats whom he said refused to work with the GOP on healthcare reform

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