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Daily Archives: August 17th, 2017

Recently there was a report suggesting that Vice President Pence is setting up a “shadow” campaign for a 2020 run for the Presidency. This has been vehemently denied by the VP and Kellyanne Conwoman/ Since these two have gone on record denying the report, it’s plausibility has been greatly increased. This administration  is built on lies and implausible deniability, so it is no big stretch to believe the report to be true or plausible at the least. The current administration is no more than a barely cohesive group of non descript talking heads serving at the pleasure of an adoration maniac. The GOP has flowed along with the machinations and unrealistic utterances of the White House with little or no reactions since they hope their own nefarious activities will be hidden. The turnstile actions of the administration’s press liaisons serves only to show the disarray in this White House. Looking at the fact that Mr. Trump really did not want this job but now has to do it gives rise to the question of “what Now?” Recent events in South Carolina show the impact of Trumps Presidency, the thugs of the alt- right, Neo Nazi’s and other aligned White supremacy groups feel they have the right to issue their non-American message with impunity. Donald aka TOTUS is too busy to perform the duties of his office since there is no adoration in it. The TWEETER in Chief reluctantly and begrudgingly  denounced the unrest in Charlottesville. His primary minion  ( Steve Bannon) has tacitly denounced the followers of his former entity (Breitbart) and that shows his lack of loyalty to anything or anyone that is not Steve Bannon). This situation is slowly coming to a head along with the Head of DJT aka TOTUS. As an added message to the members of the Alt Right, Neo Nazis and White supremacists- The Native Americans were here first and you stole the country from them! 

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