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Daily Archives: August 29th, 2017

Trumped again!! MA

Marina Fang,HuffPost 17 hours ago

President Donald Trump, who will visit Texas on Tuesday for a first-hand look at Hurricane Harvey’s deluge of rainfall, flooding and destruction, may have already made preparedness for similar natural disasters more difficult.
Less than two weeks ago, Trump rescinded an Obama administration federal rule that required federal, state and local agencies to take steps to enhance buildings, highways and other infrastructure with protections from flooding.
Trump’s rollback of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard was part of his executive order billed as a plan to streamline infrastructure projects. He signed the order earlier this month at Trump Tower in New York, minutes before the fiery press conference during which he blamed “both sides” for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, incited by a white supremacist rally.
Flanked by cabinet officials and aides, Trump heralded the order as part of his administration’s efforts to rid industry of what he sees as onerous and unnecessary regulation. He called such rules “a massive, self-inflicted wound on our country.”
“No longer will we allow the infrastructure of our magnificent country to crumble and decay,” Trump said at the Aug. 15 signing.
The rule, signed by Obama in 2015, cited the growing risk of flooding from rising sea waters caused by climate change, which Trump has claimed is a “hoax.”
Yet flooding intensified by climate change has become a dire concern in coastal areas like the southern United States. For years, scientists have warned that the threat of extreme storms like Hurricane Harvey will only worsen because of climate change, and that many U.S. cities and states are ill-prepared for large-scale flooding.
“Harvey was almost certainly more intense than it would have been in the absence of human-caused warming, which means stronger winds, more wind damage and a larger storm surge,” climate scientist Michael Mann wrote on Monday. He said that scientists know “with great confidence” that climate change “worsened the flooding.”
The storm, which federal officials have called a “historic” and “landmark event,” dumped at least 30 inches of rain over the weekend, with even more on the way. Recovery efforts on Monday focused on rescuing tens of thousands of displaced people, amid water-filled highways and homes.


It started when the first Europeans landed in what is now known as America. The Indigenous people (Native Americans) accepted them in some cases and rejected them in others. The history is not as clear  as stated in many history books. Once here (in America) the Europeans pushed their culture on to the Native Americans often in a most painful way rather than understanding the existing culture norms and accepting them as a different culture that could be used as a means to assimilate. These incursions and finally dominance by force has  caused the loss of  several cultures which we are now trying understand with what little of them remains. The recent rallies of Alt right and other White Nationalist groups have had the shouts of “America for Whites, go back where you came from” and other Racial statements. Is there any thought given to who actually should go back where they came from? If it were left up to the Native Americans , I am sure the same shouts could be heard. It is unfortunate that so many people are exerting what they call “white privilege” to cover their nefarious deeds and urged on by the President of the United States. Our European allies are looking at this country with mouths agape as our “TOTUS” continues on a tear to reverse anything done by previous administrations without a first or second thought about the ramifications that may ensue. Unfortunately his base supporters are so caught up in the campaign style rhetoric that they cannot understand how his Presidency and the actions associated with will affect them now and later. Our current administration lead by the Tweeter in Chief and less by the neer do well  GOP Congressional members appears more like a cat trying to cover up in a too full litter box.

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