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Again we see the Governor doing the know it all shuffle. After 2 years of no budget and having his veto overrode , the Gov is attacking schools (again). His cutting of parts of the school budget specifically targeting the pensions of Chicago teachers is appalling and small minded, short sighted and possibly just mean spirited. It is well known that the mayor of Chicago and the Governor are not “friends” however to punish the teachers and by extension the students of Chicago schools is poor judgement and uncalled for. With the upcoming election there is sure to be a backlash in spite of the obscene amount of money the Governor will surely spend to get his way. Essentially the Governor wants to stay in office and get his way “by hook or by crook “. If we as voters do not pay attention to what the Governor is doing to us, we are doomed to another round of hurtful actions by a small minded man with a lot of money.

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