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During the last 10 years we have had many high profile TV and radio commentators, pundits and other so called experts extolling the virtues of, or condemning some politicians. These utterances are usually quite political aka Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal. It has become apparent to me that many of the well known people are pushing hate speech as truth, exhorting people to take back something that was never gone and pushing agendas that do more harm than good. All the while writing books that sound right but have no new information beyond what is common knowledge and available to anyone who will look for it. These folks have one aim and that is to sell books. Several of the book sellers have been publicly outed as racists, misogynists and supporters of the highest payers for their services. There is no need to enumerate or name any of these people as this entire post will be taken up by the list. The point is: we ALL need to begin the trek to reading as many opinions, writings and news sources as you deem necessary to your path of learning. There is no greater need now than an informed voter and not someone who respond to half truths and innuendo.


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