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The 1960’s? Is it possible that we never left the 60’s Racial issues behind or corrected the underlying problems? The recent Charlottesville riots?, kerfuffle? or what ever it may be called pointedly shows how little pockets of resistance to change can create dangerous situations. TOTUS has almost inadvertently created a rise in the racial divide and somehow persuaded uninformed people that he alone will make America Great Again. What we have seen since his election is that he apparently has no idea what he is doing other than repealing  anything the former President did. Since it seems that the now sitting idiot reads nothing beyond 140 characters. It is a wonder to me that we have so few real or possibly intelligent news reporters yet these lesser of these seem to garner the attention of the leader(?) of the free world. Years ago in the Nixon era the phrase ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste” was coined by Arthur Fletcher, with that in mind, we seem to have a wasted space in the Oval office. The idea of rational thinking appears to be an unwelcome guest in the White House given the  many actions by the TIC (Tweeter In Chief) that leave many us of stunned. His ability to move crowds with fiction has grown exponentially and with the effects of this fiction our Allies are seeking their own counsel rather than expecting any leadership from this administration. It is true that the racial divide has never completely gone away however rationality and education  has over time eroded the wall down to a bump. The wall that Trump has proposed apparently starts with the one he is building between Americans with his lack of engagement as a leader of all  America.

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