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This Presidency has brought more grief to American than any attack. The TIC (Tweeter in Chief) has conducted this administration much like he has conducted his businesses. He has shown a willingness to lie in order to get what he wants and does not consider the effect of his actions. His staunch supporters are giving him what he wants and that is admiration and cheers. Many of them feel let down by the Government however they have  forgotten that they have elected the same representatives over and over while not holding them to task over their actions or lack of. What is not clear to them is that the folks they deem  the enemy are actually not but are folks who are experiencing the same problems. There was a time about 80 years ago when another small man with a big voice and a warped mind convinced a country of people that certain people of different ethnicities and colors were responsible for their problems. This compromised entire neighborhoods and eventually countries. Once the people were convinced millions of people were murdered while the economy drifted into chaos, ending in devastation of their entire country. While it is true the economy improved through industries building war machines, the eventual downfall was a country being bombed into submission with the resulting devastation taking years to recover from. In America we have factions that espouse the same ideals that this former Dictator did and are apparently “OK” with our President. This is the person that his die hard followers seemingly love and adore. It is unfortunate that too many cannot see the folly of their adoration but when the effects of his actions really hits home with them what reaction can we expect ? Do We want to go through another internal conflict that will result in many lives lost-again?

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