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Daily Archives: December 25th, 2017

By Martha Tesema 15 hours ago
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin got an early Christmas present on Saturday when a mysterious package addressed to him was found near his Bel-Air home late Saturday night.
Los Angeles Police Department’s bomb squad was called to Mnuchin’s neighborhood and, according to Associated Press, the package turned out to contain horse manure.
The manure was gift-wrapped in a box and marked as from “the American people.”
According to the New York Post, the “gift” also included a card that referenced President Donald Trump and the recently passed tax bill. While it was most definitely not the best Christmas present for the Mnuchin family, it definitely was for many folks on Twitter, who had a field day with the news.
Mnuchin, who was a Hollywood producer and banker before joining the Trump administration, has had a few public relations dustups of late. Most famously, he was pictured showing off money with his signature on them to his wife, Louise Linton.
He also got into trouble for using an Air Force jet to inspect Fort Knox in Kentucky, which happened to put him on a flight path to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. His wife, an actress, also accompanied him on that trip, which is under investigation by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General.
Mnuchin is protected by the Secret Service, who have now taken over this investigation from the LAPD.

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