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Daily Archives: December 20th, 2017

As I was listening to various news reports today and interviews with GOP legislators, It is apparent that our Party line legislators are either not very smart or they think we uneducated rubes. This tax reform according to people who job is the economy and the things that affect it, this tax reform will not serve the majority of us. According to a Legislator from the Northeast anyone making $90000 (middle class) will get $3000 in tax breaks next year. If middle class is in the $90000 annually, then what will someone who makes less than $90000 get or what will anyone in the range of 20 to 50 thousand get? This figure of $90000 does not specify the family circumstances which can affect the tax rate or refund amount(if any). This legislator stated that our economic growth was slow while Obama was in office (that growth was in the 2% range, which is good considering the real estate bubble which almost crashed the economy and keep in mind that the Trump administration is taking credit for the growth). The GOP is offering a growth of 3% which will not happen with this administration, especially with rollbacks of Obama Era executive orders and protections along with this abominable Tax reform. Not many of these legislators have read the entire tax plan but the regularly cite parts of out of context. We have an issue than can only be resolved by the vote and not along party lines. This “sweeping reform” is nothing more than an election ploy for 2018 to show that the neer do wells have done something even if its wrong for us (the American People). I submit that we the Often cited and continually ignored American people become apolitical and not be controlled or swayed by any one party. Both sides have good and bad but primarily it the leaders of each side makes the difference and right now we have 2 of the worst leaders of the majority party. We the American People never signed on for the abomination that is being forced upon us. I would suggest that we the recipients of this “largesse” push for a reduction in pay for all of Congress as they do not have any of the issues of their constituents but continue to benefit from those issues and only seem to address them when election is near. The way to change Congress is to change Congress. We may lose some good representatives but a message needs to be sent. We cannot depend on the Congress governing themselves so it up to us and that is done in the voting booth. We as voters have a choice: bend over or stand up!

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