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Daily Archives: December 23rd, 2017

The above title may be recognized from the TV show “X files” however the truth is actually out there but comes to us more by accident than intention. Mitch McConnell in an interview stated that he wanted to work in bipartisan  manner in the next Senate. It is rather odd that he made that statement after pushing through an abominable Tax bill on a unilateral basis without the usual debate and in record time. This action is designed to gear up support for the upcoming election cycle in hopes of keeping a partisan majority in the Congress. You may remember Mitch famously stated that then President Obama would get nothing passed in this Senate and Paul the little child Ryan went along with it. So President Obama used executive orders to get things done. The ACA could have been great but Mitch and Paul wouldn’t have it so we have a hybrid that works somewhat. Mitch and Paul have not said a word about this Presidents executive orders that rescind programs and protection so whose welfare do you think they care about? The Resident Evil has one objective and that is to glorify himself at any cost . To that end he has installed a cabinet and other folks who will push his image and the lies that go along with that. Our Neer do wells have seen fit to ignore much of this while they gear up for elections instead of doing what they have told us they would do. It is incredible that these under performers treat us like idiots (and we have allowed it) while pushing anti People agendas under the guise of governing. To find the truth one only has to look at the fast work on a Tax bill that does more harm than good, allowing the Resident to threaten other countries without comment and lying to us (the often cited American people) all the while. If lying truly set pants on fire the there would be lucrative market for Trouser replacements on the Capitol steps, not to mention a rise in fire extinguisher use. It is my hope that in the remaining time of this Residency that we may be able to un-elect  some of the less moderate legislators and get some folks who will not be influenced by the long serving members who have agendas that do not include their constituents. It is our duty as voters to ignore the rhetoric and vote based on real facts. I have listened to aspirants who identify as conservative, liberal, progressive and other labels, these labels mean nothing if their ideology does not agree with yours. This is not a right or wrong situation , it is simply  what is good for all of us not some of us. If in your mind these ideas are not yours then vote for someone else. Our political system is not a game show where the audience has to be entertained or amused, it is serious business that needs careful study as if for a final exam. Once we study, we will make better choices.

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