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Daily Archives: December 12th, 2017

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts”
Daniel P. Moynihan

The above quote sums up the current administration and the Neer do well Congress. All other issues aside from the National and worldwide problems caused by this administration, they have and continue to lie and compound their lies with the straightest of faces. I am no longer surprised by what comes out of Washington and their supporters mouths. What surprises me is the people who follow or believe them. It appears that the public is so desperate for change that they have thrown their lot in with a consummate liar and bigot whose sole purpose is to serve himself. This along with a never honest Majority Congress led by two of the biggest hucksters since P.T. Barnum. This Congress had 8 plus years to assist in making America “great” as it were but instead they obstructed and denied. They had ample opportunity to improve the Tax system and  healthcare yet they chose to obstruct. Under the guise of what they stated was good for the “American People” , they have handed the reins of government over to a fast talking used car salesman. Under the cover of this administration’s outrageous comments, the Congressional leaders are pushing through legislation that will eventually harm all of us. All of the while other forces (big money donors) are working as if they have nothing to fear. We as voters have the ability to initiate a correction by voting in 2018 for other people who we feel will make a difference but only if WE get the facts on who is running. We must ignore the hyperbole and correct “sounding” statements. Campaign rhetoric is not the same as the truth. The truth is gathered by the diligent listening and reading of multiple sources of information. The campaign rhetoric of the past 10-15 years has folks believing information that at once suspect and true, this is called half truths or plausible truth. There appears to no honesty in politics but facts are always facts!

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