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Listening to the Governor of Illinois in a newscast today, It appears that many members of the GOP nationwide use the same message of fiscal, national and security  responsibility. It seems to me that these folks are in the wrong decade, we have had too many distractive issues that take focus from the real problems. Our Governor has railed against Mike Madigan for four years and got nothing else done, he has provided no guidance and attempted to veto the only budget passed in four years. It is widely known that the State is in a budget crisis due to earlier fiscal mistakes however it would seem to me that a reasonable effort to bring both sides and the major unions to the table and work out what needs to be done to make the State fiscally stable. Part of the fiscal issue is the failure of the legislature to correct pension problems from prior administrations. Correcting this will not make the State fiscally stable but it will be a solid first step. If there are no rational conversations then there can be no fix. It is unfortunate that not enough voters realize the fiscal problem stems from “kicking the can” down the road thereby making it a political “football”. In a practical sense, our Legislators need to meet and resolve it without political rhetoric. Leave your party lines at the door!


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