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Daily Archives: February 26th, 2018

Recent speeches and Tweets from the White House show how ignorant the Resident is of facts:

AP FACT CHECK: Trump twists visa lottery program
CALVIN WOODWARD,Associated Press 21 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is expressing frustration with an immigration program that he says lets other countries nominate undesirable citizens for emigration to the U.S. That path to a life in the U.S. does not exist.
Trump mischaracterizes the diversity visa lottery program regularly, most recently on Fox News on the weekend and most prominently in his State of the Union speech last month. The only accurate part of his account tends to be that a lottery is involved and that the program is not based primarily on the skills of immigrants. Other countries have no say in how it operates and the lottery is not as random as he describes.
A look at his comments and the reality behind them:
TRUMP: “I mean we actually have lottery systems where you go to countries and they do lotteries for who comes into the United States. Now, you know they are not going to have their best people in the lottery, because they’re not going to put their best people in a lottery. They don’t want to have their good people to leave. … We want people based on merit. Not based on the fact they are thrown into a bin and many of those people are not the people you want in the country, believe me.” — Fox News phone interview Saturday night.

THE FACTS: That’s not how it works.
The lottery program is run by the U.S. government. Other countries do not sort through their populations looking for bad apples to put in a “bin” for export to the U.S. Citizens of qualifying countries are the ones who decide to bid for visas under the program.
Trump was also wrong in stating in his speech to Congress that the program “randomly hands out green cards without any regard to skill, merit or the safety of our people.”
Whether the program adequately addresses those conditions is up for debate. But it’s wrong to say they are given no regard.
The program requires applicants to have completed a high school education or have at least two years of experience in the last five years in a selection of fields identified by the Labor Department.
Out of that pool of people from certain countries who meet those conditions, the State Department randomly selects a much smaller pool of winners. Not all winners will have visas ultimately approved, because they still must compete for a smaller number of slots by getting their applications in quickly. Those who are ultimately offered visas still need to go through background checks, like other immigrants.
The lottery is extended to citizens of most countries, except about 20. Among the excluded countries are many that already have high rates of emigration to the U.S., such as Mexico, Canada and India. The program’s primary goal is to diversify the immigrant population by creating slots for underrepresented parts of the world.
In the 2015 lottery program, the State Department randomly selected more than 125,000 people who met the pre-conditions. Citizens of Cameroon, Liberia, Congo, Iran and Nepal led the list, winning about 5,000 potential visa slots each.
Among those winners, the department then accepted the first 50,000 who applied for the visas. This is out of millions who typically apply.
The program was created with broad bipartisan support. Back in 1990, after a broader immigration bill containing the visa program passed the House, the legislation sailed through the Senate on an 89-8 vote.
But now, Trump and likeminded Republicans want to eliminate it and curb family-based immigration as well, in favor of a system that is more focused on bringing in people who have needed skills and education.

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The current firearms controversy?, debate? or sound bite? There appears to be no rational solution or conversation to the issue of firearms used to kill folks in several locations around the country. In some instances the shooter was killed, killed themselves or was captured. The big issue is certain modifications or updates on long guns to make them automatic. This has come around several times in the past 10 years and still no real solve to the problem. As I see it what needs to happen is legislatures need to have a REAL conversation not issuing sound bites that rile people up and fall flat. If we had elected people who were really in the office to serve then we should be able to expect a true conversation about firearms that would make sense to all of us. Unfortunately many are afraid of their patrons such as the NRA (which has shifted too far right for redemption without a new blood infusion). The modern NRA has lost membership due to their wild issuance targeting one Major party while supporting the other. The corrective action would be a sit down with both majority parties at the Federal and State levels with no distracting fanfare. Unfortunately it is being shown by the legislators especially prominent is Florida that they are afraid of the NRA and thereby standing with the NRA against the safety of their fellow Americans and specifically our children. It is apparent and openly seen that the NRA has an interest in it’s own well being and not the American public who support them. An armed teacher in each classroom is not the answer as this takes away from the job of teaching. Listening to NPR today it seems that the answer is not with legislators and the current administration (No surprise) but with the voters. The Mafia used knee cap injuries to send a message, perhaps this method will work on legislators but in the form of a vote and protest.

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