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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2018

It appears that a way to denigrate and suppress groups of people is to  call them “savages and animals”. These slurs have been around for centuries and in every country. Oddly enough these so-called savages have not always been people of color. There were the Vikings, there were the Goths, Gauls, Romans to name a few. Why did we begin to put the label of “Savage” primarily on non whites? This has apparently always been the way of the so-called elite. These are the people through their status as royalty, landowners and Tycoons made the determination of status according to their thinking. Some “savages” in other countries were more advanced than some of those elites who benefitted from the invention of writing and language by the “savages”. In the U.S. we have Resident who has made a mockery of the Government in actions and in words. I appreciate any person or group who stands by their convictions whether I agree with them or not but we have an administration through their actions and words has put us on a path of internal turmoil at a time when we need strong leadership against known cyber threats. The current White House and majority Congress have managed to push agendas that imperil the voters at home and abroad. This administration has disparaged religions, leaders of other countries and the American people. The aim of this Resident it seems is do what is good for himself and his cronies while the Congressional majority stands silently by and telling the voters that “they” are working for them. I am reminded that the truth will always be the truth while falsehoods shift like the sand on the beach. It is easy to rile people up when their situations are dire but when the smoke clears their situations have improved less than the people they have elected. Origin or Skin color is no indication of character quality as we know by the current Congress and Resident. This dearth of character is a blot on the character of our country.


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Recent revelations about indictments on several Russians in the 2016 elections interference have put the White House in high spirits however they are as delusional as ever. This new information has made these inept white house residents think they are in the clear but the truth is that this is just one part of the investigation. As the inquiry continues it will become clear that these bunglers (the White House) had more to do with this than we suspect and have knowledge of. TOTUS et al. are currently pushing the lies as usual with the reckless abandon they have shown since the beginning of the campaign in 2015. The day of reckoning will fall hard on them beginning with this years mid terms and beyond. It is well to remember we may still have issues with a replacement at 1600 as the second in command is no better and possibly worse as he is just as fringy as his boss but in some just as bad ways (for us). Taking a look a look at one of the major pushes of this administration on DACA and changes in immigration, you should realize that this about money to finance the ill-advised tax Reform. It is amazing that  too many of us fail to see the underlying and future effects of these actions. Many changes in laws and or the enacting of new ones appear to take funds from other existing sources, this swapping of funding ultimately hurts primarily the middle and lower income citizens. Unfortunately we won’t see the slap until it hits.

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Political parties  have  not been welcoming to minorities in spite of their many spokespeople’s insistence that they are inclusive. In reality  neither party has a great track record any minorities however it appears that the Conservative Dupublicans have slowly slid back into the 1950’s. MA        

Max Greenwood 15 hrs ago

© Provided by The Hill
Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele confronted the chairman of the American Conservative Union on Saturday over comments made by a spokesman for the group at a major conservative conference a day earlier.
The row between the former RNC head and Matt Schlapp on Steele’s SiriusXM radio show “Steele & Ungar” came a day after Ian Walters, the communications director for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), said that Steele was picked as RNC chair because “he was a black guy.”
“Those words that tumbled out of his mouth, I believed were unfortunate words,” Schlapp told Steele, who served as RNC chair from 2009 until 2011.
“They were stupid. It’s not ‘unfortunate,'” Steele shot back. “Call it what it is. It is stupid to sit there and say that we elected a black man chairman of the party and that was a mistake. Do you know how that sounds to the black community?”
Steele said that Walters’s remarks underscored the Republican Party’s tense relationship with race, and that such comments lead Americans to “equate that level of stupidity to conservatism.”
“I’ve spent 41 years in this party. Forty-one, all right?” Steele said. “I have taken crap you have no idea about, and I have carried this baggage. And for him to stand on that stage and denigrate my service to this party, and for you as a friend to sit there and go, ‘Well, you have been critical of this party.'”
“There is only one word I can say, and I can’t say it on this air,” he continued. When Schlapp told him to “say it,” Steele said that he could not, because the Federal Communications Commission “won’t allow it.”
Schlapp said that, while Walters’s comment was in poor taste, Steele had been critical of the Republican Party under President Trump and has not gotten “universal praise” from conservatives for his stewardship of the RNC.
That prompted a heated response from Steele.
“What the hell does my race have to do with any of that, at the end of the day? What does the color of my skin have to do with anything you just said?” Steele said.

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