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Daily Archives: March 10th, 2018

Dear Florida, your new firearms law is a big step, please do not be dissuaded or intimidated by the NRA. The NRA is more about politics and gaming the system to fill it’s own coffers. This organization which I belonged to previously proved to me that in spite of its beginnings it has not kept true to its initial goals. Their ads in the past elections and some of the current ones are more about pushing the idea that a candidate is taking or attempting to take firearms from people. The only way a firearm will be taken from someone is that they are proven to be mentally unfit or commits a crime. These are the 2 most common reasons for taking someone firearms, there may be others but my point is that you and all of us need to resist any company, organization or candidate who blatantly lies about another person, organization or company. We already have enough of this in our federal Government. Keep in mind that this is America and in general most of us gun owners or not are not interested in subverting the 2nd amendment.

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