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Daily Archives: March 2nd, 2018

The recent surge of gun (firearms) coverage is still missing the point. All of the slogans surrounding this issue never approach a real solution. The solution is relatively simple. The age requirement is one realistic approach, closing any existing “loopholes” for Gun Show sales should be closed along with a longer wait time after purchase could be practical. The biggest factor is that no firearm ever attacked or killed anyone on its own. The firearm itself is a tool that has been used by nefarious people some of whom are mentally unstable or just bad people. These people cover a wide range of age groups and races. The bottom line as I see it is; we need to have reasonable regulations on firearms. The cry of “Gun restriction” is no more than a buzzword to work people up over the wrong part of a bigger issue. What is apparent in spite of all the pros and cons on the subject is that not one of the groups involved have deemed it necessary to take a meeting and really discuss it. The politics of this comes down to who has the most money to issue ads that support or oppose a viewpoint. ALL of the deaths due to firearm usage are tragic and for theĀ  most part senseless but unless the politics of this is removed, there will be no reasonable dialogue or solution. The monetary power of any organization over elected officials is dangerous to us all.

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