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Daily Archives: March 16th, 2018

Apparently some voters are still holding on to the idea that the current administration is doing good work. If you are a one issue voter and your issue has been addressed then perhaps you ARE satisfied. As a one issue voter perhaps you have not thought of how ALL legislation and Executive orders affect Everyone. This current administration has tweeted us out of the world circle and allowed some bad actors to emerge as world leaders (Forget about previous administration’s lack of action since we still have the same neer do well Congress). We now have Syria, Turkey (to name a couple) killing their citizens with impunity along with assistance from “their Friend” Russia. This administration is so inept in foreign and local policy that the exiting policies (no matter how poor)  have been weakened to the point of being nonexistent. The revolving door of personnel allows for errors in policy with TOTUS looking on and acting on items that will get the most attention for him and are of little to no value for us. Our long time allies have continued to do their work without us but have not dismissed us. The direction of this administration is still unknown and the very countries that have been impugned by our T.I.C. are using his ego to their advantage. The normal way of setting up meetings with estranged countries is by way of back channels and operatives. Those working the back channels work out the details and demands before the heads of government ever meet. With the current dysfunctional administration we have the possibility of progress or regress depending on what TOTUS says. In this case he (TOTUS) definitely is not the smartest person in the room and his minions are supporting him out of fear of being mocked or called out  shows the incoherence of this administration. The scary part is the shallowness of TOTUS’s knowledge in the details. This is not a PTA meeting where parental input can improve the school experience, this is real life where people can die. The majority party has gone out of its way to ignore issues with our election, I suppose their reasoning is to avoid the bullying of TOTUS. This administration has allowed for the rise of the baser elements of our society which can be a  reveal as to where our elected Representatives priorities lie. If these priorities do not include resistance to the poor policies of this administration  then it is time to replace them with people who understand what is required for the office no matter what party they represent. It is upon us, the voters to resist the “reality show”, name calling and lies that have been so prevalent and viral in the past 10 -20 years of elections. These headline grabbing utterances are used to avoid telling us what a candidate or incumbent stands for. Governing is not entertainment, it is a serious business and we as voters need to demand the dignity required to run for office. I believe we should adopt a “no dignity , no vote” attitude towards any candidate or incumbent no matter what party they belong to.

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Posting in Metea High School Paper

Aimee Leal, Photographer • March 8, 2018 • 35 Comments

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t have to worry about someone coming into my school with an AR-15 and shooting whoever was in their path. If anything, I had to worry about if I was going to get a smiley sticker on my popsicle stick for being a good student that day. It’s 2018 now and children all over the country have to take extra precautions in their schools for fatal shootings that they shouldn’t even be hearing about.
Being a junior in high school, I would never have thought to be having class conversations about school shootings and what we would do if we had one. I would never have expected my teacher to tell me that they will do anything in their power to protect their students. I would never have expected my own President to ignore this issue just to have it progress into something so much worse than before. Students in America’s schools are fearing for their lives as more school shootings happen in all areas of the country, whether they are big or small, fatalities or no fatalities, elementary or high school. Why does our government and our own President wait so long to solve the problem? It isn’t something that should be put on the back burner anymore, it is something that needs action.
Trump repealed the Obama-era regulation when he joined office which would require the SSA to send information of people with mental disabilities to the National Background Check System, which to me is a pretty good idea but many others found it shocking that Obama would think that all people with a disability were ‘a harm to society’ since mental disability can mean numerous disabilities. Both sides are completely understandable but wouldn’t mental health checks be far more beneficial for us rather than just selling these assault weapons to just anyone? When an individual causes a school shooting, it is almost always proven that they have some sort of disorder which caused them to do these things to these students. Even recently in Florida, the shooter is said to have mental disorders and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
How long are our political leaders going to keep pushing these problems to the side? America is angry and wants something done. Students are causing uproars and Walk-Outs to protest against these inefficient gun laws because a school shooting can happen anywhere now. The continuous broken promises from our President of action over the last few months is now becoming unacceptable, how can someone who we are supposed to put our trust in ignore such a horrible situation for so long? Something has to be done so I don’t have to walk into my school with a constant guard up in fear of someone walking in, with a gun and opening fire into my hallway. We are tired of our voices being ignored and if something isn’t done, the more common a school shooting will be in America.

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