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Thoughts: White Evangelicals who supported Donald Trump are as busy now as they were during the Salem Witch trials. Their purpose appears to be  making American in their image in spite of the Constitution allowing “freedom” of religion. It can be argued that what they are doing is just that. Looking at what they are for does not seem to support that. They are anti abortion period and like the NRA put their message out as the righteous  one. It appears that they have not considered that children born out of incest, rape and just the plain ignorance of youth can and has lead to abandonment by the parents, murder by the parents or if the baby is kept, a potential lifetime of abuse that carries forth as that child matures. These are some of the same people who complain about people who are receiving aid of some sort through Government programs. This does not appear to be very Christian to me especially since some of these same folks possibly had relatives who opposed integration and stood by during the lynching and murders of Black folk. It may be just me but how can one trust people who want what they want in the name of Jesus? To add more to this we have a person who took the oath of Office to uphold the Constitution which encompasses all of us and demands protection for us ALL not just some us who have specific agendas and supports his ever-changing dicta and capricious utterances. This makes me think that he possibly took the “Oaf” of Office rather than the Oath of Office. We have reached a time when people have forgotten what America is really about. It is about ALL of us not some of us , when we ignore these groups who have specific goals that exclude others then we have a problem. We should remember that what effects one group affects us all sooner or later.

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