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“The problem with this country is with the politicians, not with the people,” exclaims Sultan Aziz Abu Hasan, a clerk sitting behind the desk at a small pharmacy.
“We need to get those thieves out,” says Fizza Ali, as a crowd listens attentively to the debate about democracy between the candidate and voters.”
This statement was made by a resident of Mosul to a candidate for office. This resonated with me since it reflects my thoughts about our own politicians especially now. The United States has undergone nearly two years of incompetent Federal Leadership all with the assistance of a Neer do well Congress lead by two of possibly the worst Congressional leaders in our history. The goal appears to be to attack the most vulnerable among us. All of the talk about jobs, deals that affect our allies and the egocentric executive actions area pushing us into the position of being nearly a third world situation. The worst part of this is our 2 Congressional leaders(?) have abdicated their duty to the country in favor of a Narcissus who happened to get elected. Each action by this Resident is aimed at campaign promises that do nothing for America as a whole but benefit small groups of people whose interest are solely their own. At this time the “Evangelical conservatives” are pushing for moral authority over us all by supporting the selection of “conservative” judges in high courts which will shift the courts to the right for years (do we want a bunch of “ROY MOORE’S on the bench?). Every action of this administration will push us back as country to a time where it was OK to kill anyone with an accent or a different skin color. The long range effect of this administration will surely create rifts among us which is exactly what this administration thrives on along with the daily diets of  misinformation and outright lies streaming on twitter, backed up by the talking heads of the administration.


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