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DJT has taken the Presidency to an unprecedented low (a lower swamp). During his tenure he has hired essentially lackeys who respond to his whims no mater whether these  whims are true, false proper or improper. Most of them or perhaps all are afraid of being called put in tweets for doing the opposite of what he wants or trying to explain what he meant by what he already said. It seems that making the effort is enough to stay off his “radar” but does nothing to further an agenda that benefits the American people that they were put in place to serve. This administration while providing entertainment is not in place for that purpose, it is in place  serve the people , ALL of the people. Too many decisions have been made for special interests and to fulfill extreme campaign promises that benefit the few. It is our job (voters) to elect the best people to work in Government (including Congress) and we have failed for a long time. To be sure we voters all want good government but we have been subverted by political parties and their subsets. I believe we all are Conservatives as defined: “holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion”. The difference among us is that we have allowed louder voices to usurp our thoughts of who or what we think we are as Conservatives. With this is mind we need to disregard what candidates from any party attempts to tell us what to think by using innuendo, lies and misconstrued information from many sources. The goal of all candidates is to get elected, after that the handlers take over and spew out whatever it takes to get legislation passed, repealed or altered and many times to our (voters) detriment. Keep in mind that all information is not necessarily correct or incorrect but sometimes is skewed using certain wordage in certain sentence construction. It is my opinion that we can do better by reading as many sources as we can to get a wider view than what is presented as “campaign facts” leaving the entertainment to the professionals in TV land and the movie industry. If we (voters) do not constantly read several sources and evaluate what is being presented to us we will continue to have poor government from the Local to Federal level. Going out on limb, I would state that any one running for election is to be viewed with skepticism and questioned severely when conducting “town halls” or campaign stops, it is your right to question.


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