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Covfefe Definition: provide alternate facts, Lie through your teeth, distract with shiny objects, interject old lies, repeat, repeat, repeat. This is the M.O. of this administration and yet there is 40% approval. It is the right of all Americans to voice an opinion however I offer that these opinions should be backed by real facts, not alternate facts or made up facts. It is normal that some facts are misstated or misunderstood however when the truth is made available one should acknowledge and adjust accordingly. This administration has made a mockery of our country and is being played by the very countries that are our opposites in civilian freedoms. The recent meetings with our allies and our “enemies” have brought quite different results. The meeting with our allies ended in rancor while the meeting with our enemy has resulted in a nebulous rosy outlook. The chaos theory has consumed this administration with no member of the White House staff being able to get around the “Tanned” elephant in the room beyond trying to survive in their jobs. This is “COVFEFE”!


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