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It is said somewhere that “With experience comes wisdom” or something like that. Apparently some of us haven’t paid much attention to that. The hackers have upped their game and if we are not upping ours then these “pros” will keep playing the “gottcha” game. First the onslaught on line appears in many ways, the first and possibly the most prevalent is inserting a “look alike” website that looks real but if you look at the address line you will see that it is fake because after the “well known” name there is fictitious information which could allow an incursion into your device and possibly lock it up while holding it for ransom. Most well known browsers warn about this and try to prevent it but we as people sometimes see a pop up or an insert that appeals to our interests and click on it allowing this incursion. This “pop up” is advertising eye candy at its best and is as effective as anything we see on television. The key to avoid being hacked is: add a pop up blocker on your device (there are free ones), do not click on anything you are unsure of. If you device locks up, immediately turn it completely off and restart after at least 5  minutes. Most times this will eliminate the threat. Things you should do or have to protect your devices:

1.install a good pop up blocker

2. Install a good Malware Program

3.Be aware of a slowing of your Device when loading or surfing.(could be a sign of a hack or attempt to hack)

4. Call your Email company, Browser supplier (MSN, GOOGLE,Yahoo,etc) if you suspect an incursion or attempt.

5.Get a backup external hard drive and make a back up at least once a week.

6. Above all, remember, None of the Internet providers will call or email you out of the blue. You may from time to time receive emails about updates but be sure determine the origin by looking at the address line for accuracy. If in doubt go to the site independent of the email or popup for information.

Hackers are smart and are the same as any scammers, smooth and resourceful. Be aware of anything different when you power up your device.


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