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The current Resident of the Oval Office is pushing the blame for his policy of separating families (like the Nazis did in the concentration camps) on the Democrats. This is a push to garner votes for the Republican candidates. This is a guy who ran on immigration reform and by extension Religious bias. The in charge Republican party save a few has just stood by and let it happen. The TIC has had meetings with Republicans only (no invites to Democrats) to set policy and the Republican leadership has allowed it. This brings up the subject of the responsibility of being in power. Apparently the Republicans after 8 years of denying and denigrating President Obama they have done nothing good or of consequence while having the power to accomplish much more than they have for the public good. The suspect tax reform and gutting of the healthcare system were two main drivers of their administration with the supposed “good” results still to surface for the citizenry of the United States. The labels many have assumed are often no more than ways to garner votes for people who if we (voters) were smart would never elect. WE the people need to gain control over government by pushing for some new rules for serving along with definite time limits on that service. I consider myself a Conservative (most of us are)  who is left of center (not extreme left).  The point is that as voters we need to stop the election of poor representatives and do not accept the rallying cries of either majority party as a banner to follow blindly. In my opinion we currently have the worst (save a few) group of Congressional representatives in many years. We (voters) have the power of change in our hands if we ignore the hype and chase the truth.


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