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Daily Archives: August 11th, 2018

Making America great again efforts should go back 500 years or so. That’s when the first “foreigners” arrived in what is now America. The residents at that time were the now scattered and “sequestered” indigenous Peoples who respected the land and thrived. The modernity brought about on the heels of  gold rushes, land grabs and “Indian” wars have brought fewer gains than we think we  achieved. I am sure the Indigenous peoples at that time were not impressed by the odd folk who landed and attempted to “civilize” the natives who were thought to be savages. Think about how anyone would react to “invaders” who randomly killed without compunction. The history of America is written in “white” not Brown, Black or “Red” (as stated in many early reports on the Native Americans skin tone). Fast forward to now: would “savages” separate children from their parents?  Would “savages” impose tariffs on imports to the detriment of the population? Would “savages” cozy up to known enemies for personal gain? I wonder who are the savages?


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