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Daily Archives: August 29th, 2018

The current mis administration has been allowed to issue edicts that go against the majority of Americans interests while the 535 seat fillers stand idly by protecting their majority. The “tariff war” which benefits no one is being touted as a negotiating strategy(?). The fight with long time allies is touted as a show of strength but what we have is another ploy to elevate TOTUS’ ego with the idea of looking like a strong President. Looking at each of  45’s actions the method is trash the existing pacts and associations then go in and “renegotiate” under the guise of a better deal. Many of these actions are ineffective since some of the existing deals were due to expire soon no matter who was in the White House. The scam is to create a dust storm and come in with a vacuum and air it out as a new victory. The North Korea deal was a no deal in that no verifiable actions were accomplished beyond the existing and already in place actions. The Russian unknown talks were about?. The known talks were again no different from what was essentially already in place save new sanctions (with no real backing from 45). The Iran Nuclear deal has been scrapped and all of the progress made is now in the hands of our European allies and we have no say in what happens hence forth (unless we get a better negotiator). All of the bluster and sweeping reform talk is just another PR stunt for the edification of our Titular National leader(?). The lines of communication from TOTUS is limited to Twitter and is embraced primarily by his hardcore base many of whom seemingly have no real interest in broadening their range of information beyond “FAUX” news and twitter which makes for a perfect constituent for DJT. It is unfortunate that the some of the “conservative” groups have an out sized effect on modern politics as these appear to be people with a similar mindset as the 1600’s “witch hunters”.


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