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This administration has brought us many firsts and most of them not good for us. The extreme liars have persuaded some that they are working for us (them) but fail to see the adage “forest for the trees”. Now the (dis) administration has banned a reporter from the press corps and is threatening another with the same. It is apparent that the White house does not like being questioned or called when lies are presented as fact. What is stopping the media from collectively ceasing coverage of the White House? It is obvious that the trail of lies will not stop as the presenters have no other path. Lies can only be undone by truth and there is none in this administration. I know the media will continue to cover this President and his tawdry administration but what if they didn’t? It so sad that our “child” leader can only attack with lies and continue as if they were truth but when his staff follows the same road with impunity there is a worry factor. When we couple this with the “Seat fillers” in the Senate led by an obvious short-sighted miscreant, it makes for a perfect storm that could possibly drown us in debt and poor decisions that will haunt us for a long time.  The only possible way our for us is voting not impeachment as we would only have less smarter version of our current leader for what time is left. It will take several years of weeding out the current neer do wells in order for us to progress as a country and remember our allies have not deserted us but they have taken a side seat to see what comes next. The current administration and Congress (save a few) are power driven self seekers with no good intentions for any of us no matter what their supporters believe.


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