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The pressures of the job are beginning to show on TOTUS, the remorseless and consummate liar. He has essentially fallen back into his typical pre President self. This involves seclusion much like a petulant child while questioning his “loyal” aides and associates. We may be seeing the beginning of a descent in to a type of madness. MA. 

Chris Sommerfeldt 15 hrs ago

New York Daily News

The President, who has faced widespread criticism for opting out from the ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, made the unusual concession in a pre-taped interview with Fox News set to air in full on Sunday.
“I should have done that,” Trump told host Chris Wallace, referencing his decision to stay at the White House instead of taking the short trip to the military cemetery as the rest of the nation observed Veterans Day on Monday.

In what appeared to be an apology, Trump continued that “in retrospect” it wasn’t a good move.
“I should have and I did last year and I will virtually every year,” Trump said.
But the remorse didn’t last long as Trump shifted to blaming his snub of the military ceremony on being “extremely busy on calls.”
“We did a lot of calling as you know,” Trump said.
It’s not clear what calls the President was referencing.
While he claims he didn’t have time for the military ceremony, Trump managed to thumb out nine tweets on Veterans Day commenting on a variety of topics from trade deficits, elections in Florida and oil production in Saudi Arabia. He had no events or meetings listed on his public schedule for the day.


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