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Apparently the stumbles and trips by the current administration are taking a toll. The recent political losses, missteps (another stumble) in Europe and the loss in the case against a CNN reporter (removal and reinstating of credentials)  are just a few of unforced errors committed by this administration. It seems that TOTUS cannot face the “real” press as they are not hanging on every erroneous word nor or they cheering when he states obvious inaccuracies. He has reduced the number of press briefings (which is not such a bad thing since SHS just passes on the same inaccuracies her boss does and what he tells her to say). Every Commander-in-Chief has faced the same types of critics and have endured it yet Mr. “Stable Genius” cannot. To tweet out his opinions in the wee hours is his style and it quickly fading much like any other novelty fads. The 2020 elections will yield much different results than TOTUS thinks as the effects of his tariffs will have had a greater effect that is currently seen. These “gaffs” will have definitive results in 2020 no matter what the polls think. If the Democrats can remove their collective “foot” from their mouths there may be an opportunity for better government. The “trip” factor can be avoided by thoroughly vetting candidates, understanding what is needed to move us forward as a country and be willing to be nasty when required but have facts to back up that nastiness.


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