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As a reader of many media sites, I have determined that the normal coverage of politics and the White House needs to change. This administration is unlike any in recent times. Considering the use of modern electronics in media coverage and the fact that there have been poor Presidents and equally acrimonious rhetoric in print and in person (debates) in the past, we should consider less coverage of  the current residents (early AM Tweets) and adhere strictly to coverage from the Press room and correspondents who are live streaming. If we deny the tweet method of governing by this administration from gaining traction we could conceivably remove much of the power and support for overblown utterances which for the most part have no basis in fact but somehow ring true with folks of like minds (uninformed and desperate). We can expect no less coverage unless the media sees it for what it is and that is what I call “Goebbels-Hitler speak”. The media seems to have lost its way and perhaps should consider “GPS ing it’s way back to real coverage and eschewing the sensationalizing that emanates from the Whitehouse in the wee hours and at scheduled press briefings (which are more like giving “wedgie”s to the public.


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