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It becomes clearer that TOTUS is as inept in the office as he has been rumored to be in business despite dubious superficial successes. The color of money and the flow of cash gives the impression of business acuity much like a failed rocket launch, it looks great on paper and lift off but unsustainable for the long run. The value of Trump enterprises is in naming rights and access. Essentially TOTUS is a facilitator rather than a builder. This could explain his erratic behavior in the office. In private life he can wave money around and get things done with no regard to end results but in Government it does not shake out the same. You should not drop or dump programs that affect millions for years to come and you really should not do it in business but greenbacks tend to mask the bad practices of the unscrupulous. This bowing to cash is a type of madness which inure the kowtower to the effects of their actions. This the path we have been set upon by this administration and by extension the neer do well Congress.


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