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Fastest revolving door in Washington. The current administration is in dire straits when it comes to keeping Chiefs of Staff. Newest “interim” Chief will be Mick Mulvaney who already has two (2) other jobs. Mulvaney’s accomplishments have been unremarkable to date so an additional job will be no promotion. I am curious as to  what Mick will be able to do in the new job as the TOTUS listens to no one (except FAUX news). With the hovering problems of immigration, healthcare, tax reform and the Mueller investigation, what is it that TOTUS thinks a new Chief will do for him again since he listens to no one (except his gut, which is suspect). There is no reason to believe there will be any changes in TOTUS’ actions or mindset of being the boss and dictating rather than leading. As we wind down the year we see out going Governors hobbling incoming Governors with new laws that restrict their ability to do the job and I wonder what TOTUS will try to do before he leaves office (one way or another).


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