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Thank TOTUS for the current fiscal crisis which began in the mind of a dilettante whose knowledge of anything beyond self-interest has led us into a smaller role on the world stage. This lessening of our status has allowed our enemies (or frenemies?) to ascend to fill in the void we have vacated. When the next administration is in place there will be years of repair required to bring us to a position of parity with our friends in the larger world. There will be a good amount of eating crow to assuage the feelings of our long time allies and  many negative blasts from our ascended frenemies. According to what we already know a smart leader with the help of competent aides whose true sense of country relates to ALL Americans no matter ethnicity. 2020 will bring us better government if we vote with intelligence and not from the need for entertainment . Government is a serious business that requires serious people to do the work along with vigilant voters who can see the forest through the trees. Remember when America was great? (2015!). Next great will be 2020 when there is a new competent resident in the White House and smarter people in Congress.


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