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The current government shutdown ascribed to the Democrats by none other than TOTUS who publicly on air vowed to take the responsibility for the shutdown. Now the waffling begins with Lindsey Graham leading the way. Remember Lindsey Graham is just another Neer do well member of Congress who is afraid to confront the “Child” about his actions (which do not benefit anyone, including his hard core constituents). Mean while there are still no details on how the “wall” money will be spent. This wall and several actions by TOTUS are more rhetorical than backed up with facts. Captain Chaos is running the country in the same way he conducts his business and that is to propose something and citing a huge windfall if a huge amount of money is invested (AKA Bernie Madoff). TOTUS’s thinking is to throw out large dollar amounts to create the sense of legitimacy. A close look at his financial deals (or tax returns) will show that the only winner is TOTUS while his associates gains are less. The ineptitude of this administration is possibly unprecedented in a developed country . We currently have many of the same neer do well seat fillers that have been in place for at least  2 plus election cycles and have done seemingly less each time. There has and will always be some “cross the aisle” cooperation but recently that cooperation has faded away.  The voters have the power to change government by changing the representatives. Vote smart!  A Little observation- spell check suggests “TOTUS” should be :”TOOLS”- hmmm.


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