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Is it possible that our elected representatives in Congress have forgotten or do not care that we the people put them in place according to what THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO FOR US? Over these past 10 to 15 years we have heard the phrase “the American People” used as a citation for passing or killing legislation. Much of this legislation is what is wanted by large donors and then their flunkies (OUR elected representatives) persuade us to go along with promises that fall through and hope we won’t notice. It appears to me that we have few if any true leaders in politics and even less competent legislators. A correction for this low quality group of seat fillers is intelligent voters. No matter what is said to the media by the sitting elected, their true intent is always hidden and then thrust upon us as done deals. Remember the “forked tongue” analogy applies to ALL elected officials from the local to the Federal levels. Voters have or should have one mission: get better representation by voting smarter. As citizens (of all ethnicities and faiths) it is truly us against them( the long serving elected officials).


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