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It is apparent that our Congress is broken but fixable. Uncle mitch has surpassed our wildest dreams  nightmares regarding politics. His leadership is on par with Iago or Pecksniff . His refusal to allow even a discussion about opening the government agencies and discussing the “wall” at a different time. His statement that he wants to put something before the “president” that he will sign is ludicrous at best and cowardly at least. He is the “leader” of the Senate and should as he wants us to believe knows the law and is pragmatic(?). His statements belie his intentions and abilities while he has put us in a tax situation that hurts the people he so proudly proclaims to represent and spearheaded the GOP in a direction that almost un American and allowing the rise of a radical right and left. There is as TOTUS once proclaimed blame on “both sides” which in my mind indicates that we as  voters need to initiate a clean slate voting initiative which will elect new representatives who can reach a cross the aisle to help ALL Americans no matter where they live in the United States and it’s territories. It is my opinion that the voters have to assert their will on Congress and not the other way around but only if we arm ourselves with intelligence on the issues and their effects on us all.


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a man wearing a suit and tie: McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government

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