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Recent news regarding the Trump Shutdown aide and abetted by Bitch McConnell and his allies. Why is McConnell failing to take the side of his constituents (white and black) rather than siding with a Childish leader whose sole objective is to glorify himself? The act of being a leader is to lead not follow but apparently Bitch is not as leaderly as he was when Obama was President (kind of shows his white privilege attitude). It is well to remember that no matter what we think personally, we are all affected by poor leadership in Government from Local to Federal. If our neer do well Congress is not doing the job then we need to elect someone who will. Bitch who has many coal miners in his Congressional area is doing nothing to address their issues yet he backs an idiot who says ” he will bring coal back”. According to GOVERNMENT studies “black lung disease” is still out there and NO ONE is looking at it. The people of Kentucky should thank Bitch and TOTUS for trying to destroy their best Health Care coverage with lies and misdirection. With all of this being said we have a Mega-moron in the Whitehouse aided and abetted by too long in office representatives who are interested in themselves not the folks who elected them. Did you know that Congress is exempt from going without pay during a shutdown? How is this representing anyone but themselves? Bottom line: phone calls, text messages, emails and snail mail are all still valid methods of communicating with your representatives. It is plain as day that we as a country have some of the worst representation in decades and now we have possibly(?) one of or the worst President ever! TOTUS has spent the past two (2) years decimating laws which he does not understand and executing new ones that make sense only to him. We have 800,000 Federal workers and contractors on furlough because of a wall which is a campaign promise not as much of a necessity as adding more personnel and electronics. Seems pretty plain to me.


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