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Daily Archives: March 1st, 2019

With the Cohen hearings ongoing and the many revelations therein we see that the current administration aka “The Trump Method” of doing business has been a long standing micro management of  daily operations. It seems that the standard for working for the Trump organization, White House  and dealing with this administration is to be willing to lie at any cost, misrepresent at any time and generally dislike the taste of truth. This has been evident for many years and now has enmeshed a major part of our politics to the highest levels of the Government. We have now Justices who are biased not impartial as they are supposed to be, a Congress filled with so called Conservatives using the guise of religion in some cases to back up their appeal to their constituents and possibly feather their nests for the time when they leave office. Voters must remember that ALL politicians lie from the beginning or will begin to lie. The cure for lying is learning the truth and not taking what is said as true and honest. Each person running for office no matter what party affiliation they espouse has the potential for lying and will if they haven’t already. The press and other media for the most part tells the truth whenever they can but the real information comes from sources that will and can back track their issuances when required while others continue with the same flawed information as truth because they can and it brings followers. Of course this is how Dictators arise and prosper as we have seen in several countries while their people suffer the consequences as show in nearby South America. It is incumbent on each individual to always seek the truth and not accept anything that appears false without personal investigation. No one person or Group has the total answer no matter how they try to persuade. All truth resides within each of us.


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