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Daily Archives: March 4th, 2019

The current in powered members of Congress have learned to cry foul since the minority party has gained control of the House. During The Obama administration Bitch McConnell publicly and unabashedly stated that this President will get nothing passed. Now this same Congress is crying foul when the “other side” is crusading against the poor and possibly illegal actions of TOTUS. The GOP has abdicated their duties to America as “representatives” of their respective constituencies. The elected leader of the Senate appears to be afraid to confront this President in the face of poor judgement on his (TOTUS) Foreign policy, Trade policy and in general his leadership. Essentially the Congress has made the Country a subsidiary of Trump Industries. Voters have one goal and that is to educate themselves in what is true and what is false. One has to remember that what sounds true and is false is influenced by one’s own biases with no regard to how someone else’s biases affects their lives. An example of how Congress has failed us all is The ACA: Congress exempted themselves and their staff from the penalty of not having insurance, they exempted themselves from the loss income during a shutdown. Is this representing you? Now the “Tax Reform” which removed deductions that served as a backup for many is pushing more towards and into poverty. This “Tax Reform” is a boon for Congress and people who make salaries in the 6 digit range and above. In order to get it right requires an informed electorate which requires reading and investigation not depending on talking heads who are seeking to push agendas that are false.


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