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Daily Archives: March 6th, 2019

For the past 10 to 15 years the Bipartisan flavor of the U.S. Congress has changed to a bitter  political fight. This is all due to long serving members of Congress who have aspired to leadership to further their own agendas. With the election of TOTUS these members have pandered to his whims to try to keep control of Government. This was never the intent of the founders and is not the sentiment of most American voters. As voters we have allowed it  to happen through complacency. We (or many of us) have unfortunately drank the “kool Aid” of bigotry and extensive lies about everything from immigration to “taxes” . The ignorance disseminated from the White House, Fax news and other sources of extreme news has become pervasive across the country.  For many who do not remember or never knew WWII began in the 30’s with Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin all of whom had high flying propaganda machines that selected vulnerable people and institutions as objects of their venom. Folks, believe it or not we have the same process going on now. It is within our ability as voters to change this by gaining knowledge of the facts through any means possible and accepting information that is correct even if it sounds different than what you believe (the possibility of you being wrong is there). The point is to be open to changing with the correct information being given to you. All of this being said we just have to take what our elected officials (and the aspiring ones) say with a grain of salt or the entire box if required. Educate yourselves with books and information from several sources to get a decent assessment of what is really happening in this country.


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