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Daily Archives: April 10th, 2019

A Plan is the strategy for the successful completion of a project. A strategy is not a list of objectives, but the means of achieving those objectives. Any project without a Plan is a project wandering in the wilderness.

The administration is abetted by a Congress of seat fillers has shown that the “trump” method of running a business (or Governing) is working without a net or plan to advance an agenda, then changing or abandoning the idea if it doesn’t work as thought (or assumed). This administration looks more like an edition of the “apprentice” rather than a Governing body. The revolving door of agency heads has stifled any real progress and the small amount of progress is slowly creeping down to zero which has the potential to severely limit our (The United States) ability to operate on the world stage and by extension here at home. The small mind behind many of TOTUS’S ideas points to Mr. Steven Miller who is a shadow of Steve Bannon. This administration operates on a limited intelligence basis as the knowledgeable members have little to no power of persuasion over policies that they understand will have little to no influence in a positive way but possible extreme negative effects. There is no logic to the actions of this administration and the Neer do wells in Congress are powerless or have no desire to be the corrective force. This leaves the corrections to the informed voters.


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