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Daily Archives: April 23rd, 2019

The Scamocrats are divided about their agenda except that they want control of the White House. Unfortunately, they have not learned that a united front works better than what they are doing now. The Dupublicans generally have a united front even if is against the interests of most of us. The smart move as I see it is to take the “Mueller” approach which is to gather as much or all available information and then devise a strategy. This divide will only split their current base into small factions with little or no voice at all. Perhaps they should take a page out of the “TOTUS” book and maintain a campaign-style contact with their constituents. The old adage ” the truth will set you free” is appropriate for these times as the preponderance of lies that we are assailed with daily cover the facts and can be (or will be) detrimental to us all. The agreement required is first an acknowledgment that we have a criminal enterprise in the White House under the auspices of a miscreant of the highest order aided by a lackluster Congress. Once this issue is recognized then the correct path can be chosen. It took years to get Capone, it took years to get Sadaam and it will take a minute to get Trump.


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