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Daily Archives: April 1st, 2019

Gathering money to make bail after conviction or just not as wealthy as we have been led to believe.MA

Mary Papenfuss
,HuffPost•March 23, 2019

 (Screen Shot/Trump Store)
(Screen Shot/Trump Store)

(Screen Shot/Trump Store)
President Donald Trump has emblazoned the “Trump” brand name on images of the White House to sell in his Trump Store and at the Trump International Hotel in the capital. The products give the bizarre impression that the White House is a Trump hotel.
Walter Shaub, who was director of the Office of Government Ethics in both the Obama and Trump administrations, sharply criticized the products as the latest move to “monetize the presidency” for private gain.

The products among the new “Cherry Blossom Collection” bearing the White House image include soap, mugs, a T-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt. A line on the mug, which also includes a drawing of the Trump Hotel, reads simply: “Trump Washington D.C. Building.” A line beneath the White House on the T-shirt reads: “Trump Washington D.C.”


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Yesterday the official Trump Store debuted its cherry-blossom collection.

Four items on sale showcase the White House.

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Walter Shaub


Our corrupt President’s hotel, in which he retains a conflicting financial interest, is selling products with the image of the White House on it. I’d say he’s monetizing the presidency again, but it’s a continuous effort so “again” wouldn’t make sense.

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The Trump syndicate is calling the White House a “Trump Hotel” in its online merch marketing!

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Vanity Fair quipped that the Trump Hotel is hawking “florals and potential conflicts-of-interest for spring.”
The hotel, located in a landmark building owned by taxpayers and leased by the Trump Organization, is at the center of a lawsuit arguing that the business violates the Constitutional prohibition against a federal official accepting payments or gifts from states or foreign governments — like those that book rooms and events there.
Shaub and other ethics experts say the hotel is an easy conduit for cash from anyone hoping to curry favor with the president. Now Trump appears to be underscoring the direct link between the hotel and “his” White House.
The Trump Organization last year used golf tee markers emblazoned with the presidential seal, but the seal is legally allowed only for official government business so they were removed.
It wasn’t immediately clear if the latest selling of the White House breached regulations, but Jessica Tillipman, a government ethics expert at George Washington University Law School, told the UK Independent that Trump profiting from his position was “bizarre and wrong.”
Trump, unlike other presidents, has neither divested from his businesses nor put his assets in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost.


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The good thing about instant news coverage is that we know what is happening around the world and in our nation. The bad thing is the truth sometimes lags behind the lies which sometimes arrive before it. We have become inured to reading or listening to more than one source of information. This hardness has created factions that at once beg for information but lock on to a single source that appears rational but is often not. This attachment to semi or nontruths often comes in the form of “entertainment” news which appears in print and in mass media. Our political system has embraced the “entertainment” news to supplement their “Politispeak”. What I have observed is that the current (1950’s to present) political scene has been filled with sensationalizers and outright liars whose messages seem real only because of the media coverage and the speed at which it travels. Currently, we have headlining seat-fillers whose loyalty is to themselves and their party, not the people who voted them to the office. Our understanding of the issues has to be the basis of our voting with this in mind, we must remember that lies are lies pure and simple. Any office holder or aspirant to an office who lied once will continue to lie when elected (this should be apparent with our current “ins”) no matter which party, left, right or center they espouse. This “aint” no way to run a country.


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