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The Trump Dump continues, as he has done all of his business career, TOTUS initiates an action to resolve an issue then calls the meeting off. That calling off is TOTU’s way to exert leverage on the other party. This “double dealing” is how he runs his Presidency. This chaos method has brought us to the current state of an ongoing trade war, unrest in the Middle and far east. As the perceived leader of the free world, DJT has sh** canned 70 years of diplomacy and goodwill. His “deal Making” has put us in an isolationist posture exacerbated by the cadre of miscreants he has surrounded himself with. With the seemingly unapologetic GOP lead by Botch McConnell, DJT is leading America down a path to an untenable position on the world stage. This method of leading by tweet has taken the focus off of the real issues facing us all, which is the Russian tampering in elections, the extensive protectionism of Israel’s BiBi Notyetayahoo’ rantings and The Saudi’s murder of a journalist. With his hand-picked Attorney General, TOTUS has another diversionary or perhaps a subversive to keep the focus off of his inadequacy as a leader. DJT loves litigation, not because of a right or wrong but because of the time involved in litigation which he always seems to hope that the other party will quit the lawsuit. Essentially TOTUS is drowning in his own ineptitude and his minions are pouring more weight due to the lack of oversight by anyone, notably the 500 plus neer do wells we call Congress. Thank you all for supplying the reason to vote you out.


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