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Continuing drama from our “Government” is more “entertainment” than substance. The current 1600 resident is so far out of his depth that a stepladder is required to keep the nose above water. The reason TOTUS is in place is lack of voters will to exercise their privilege of voting. Low voter turnout is the primary reason for this Presidency and its subsequent poor decisions. The stable genius has brought the wrong people into a respected office to do his bidding which is informed by misinformation and prejudice. This perfect storm of intolerance and mismanagement is aided by a neer do well congress who are looking out for themselves, not the voters who put them in office. What DJT has shown us (if you are paying attention) is that our long-serving Congress is essentially as prolific in misinformation and misrepresentation as our 1600 Pennsylvania resident. Staring with the first election cycle voters need to start replacing the longtime seat fillers with new people and be willing to replace them when needed. WE will never achieve better government until we vote for people who will do the work. We need to keep an eye on the lies and know the difference between them and the truth.


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