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After having a conversation with an acquaintance this morning, I am claiming a minor political victory. The conversation was with an avid Trumper and dyed in the wool GOP (Dupublicans) member. The conversation began with the statement that “Scamocrats” ( Democrats) were going to jail based on ludicrous information derived from the Mueller report (odd connection). I then explained that for the past 25 to 30 years our politics have been fraught with poor representation from both major parties and we all should abandon party line politics. The exceptions on both sides have been few but effective in several cases. I stated that TOTUS’s election served to lay bare the poor Congressional representation we currently have and have had.  This conversation has reinforced my thinking that we are being entertained into poor voting choices. Mass media has given us many ways to get information and misinformation. Unfortunately, in entertainment, the truth is rarely found as it is an art form and not required to be entirely truthful. Our politics have become art in its lowest form while entertaining to some inspires no honest thought provocation on behalf of the recipient. Remember that “Botch” McConnell is turtle slow walking all legislation that he doesn’t halt altogether. It is evident to anyone of reasonable intelligence that our Congress is brought to its knees by the leaders who we apparently side with through our silence and ignorance.


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