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The recent statements by TOTUS using the dog whistle ” go back to where you came from” has created possibly the exact reaction he (and his administration) wanted. Captain chaos has used most of his time in office to do what he has done in his business life and that is to create a situation then retract it as a solution. TOTUS has sprung the trap that got him elected. The trap is to create a stir that will keep his name in the headlines and getting attention. So many of his supporters who believe that he has made progress do not understand that the economic progress started before his election and came into fruition during his tenure and he has taken credit for it. What he has done during this term will become evident later on and possibly leave bigger problems. The Immigration issue will be one of the biggest factors for the next administration coupled with the ill-conceived foreign policy and alienation of long time allies. Once out of office TOTUS will be free to say whatever he wants (as he has done all of his life) and garner attention for his own elevation as he has always done. The major parties, the candidates running for office and the media have all fallen into the TRUMP TRAP, giving him the attention and platform he thrives on.


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