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It appears that avoidance is the normal of the current administration and Congress. TOTUS has now accused the Clintons of being in league with the late Jeffrey Epstein while diminishing his association with him. This President with the assistance of the GOP (most of them) has abdicated his position as President in favor of 24-7 campaigning and overnight Tweets which serve as press releases. It is well known and proven that lies serve in a place where the truth would work better are the basis of this Administration as was the case in his business dealings. TOTUS’s insertion in many things that have nothing to do with actual governing has lead us to a point of being laughed at in some parts of the world and ignored in others. His “leadership style” has unapologetically allowed the rise of the extremes in America, No. Korea, Russia, Iran and other bad actors who threaten us and our allies. Each day he takes another issue to keep his name in lights (as it were) while the neer do well Congress and his miscreant Cabinet members continue to pursue their personal agendas no matter the effect on the voters. While there are many supporters of this administration and the Congress, there are also many supporters of staged reality shows like J_ _ _ _Y S_ _ _ _ _ _ R  et al which does not suggest this is a way to govern. He Digresses!


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  1. Trump is unfit for office.
    Impeach Trump now, Speaker Pelosi.


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