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The “brander in chief ” reminds me of a childhood friend who was able to name someone (“brand”) at a glance. This is a talent the resident of 1600 apparently has also. This “talent” is cute when one is young but dangerous when one is an adult. TOTUS has made it an art form as a way to avoid issues that he is uncomfortable with and does not know how to handle. This is not a good asset for a leader but since we really do not have one that point is moot. The followers of TOTUS are distracted by his loose lips manner of speaking while missing the bigger problems he has created. The elaborate signing of executive orders that undermine our country, the on the fly press conference and the multitude of tweets that have nothing to do with the actual job of the President are not what we need from a “leader”. The next President will have at least 2 years of mistakes local and abroad to correct. If voters do not adjust the balance of power in the Congress then we will still have to slog uphill as a country. TOTUS is no more than a bully who deflects rather than correct or address real issues. His total lack of any ability to understand his job beyond what his handlers tell him ( in words that he can understand) even if what they tell him is wrong but plays to his ego. His staff of miscreants are struggling mightily to keep him in the office so they can continue their errant ways and hopefully keep information that would or could incriminate all or most of them. This could very well be as stated by Benjamin Franklin: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately”. My thinking is this bunch will rat one another out without hesitation. Assuring this outcome comes from everyone voting.


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